Mixing and Mastering Service

If you are an artist or producer that's looking to have your music sound like the pros

well you've come to the right place.

Hear Samples

Here I specialize in getting you top notch quality at an affordable rate.

I could go on forever about how mixing and mastering your song is going to make it sound better, but I would rather you hear the difference with your own ears. Just send me your music and I'll master it for free and send you back a 30 to 60 sec sample of it.

 Send Wav or Aiff File to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and You will receive your Sample back within 24hours.

Mastering Rates

  • Mastering Rate Per Song - $30  (2track Wav, Aiff, Mp3 or Stems)

  • File Download - Free

Mixing/Mastering Rates

  • Mix/Master Rate Per Song - $50 - Includes leveling and eq of vocals and instruments Also includes pans, delays, drops and any other element needed to bring out the mix. (UNLIMITED Revisions included until satisfied.) 

  • File Download - Free

BUDGET Album Special  - 8 songs Mixed/Mastered for $300

  • Mixing and Mastering Album Special $300 (8 songs)  ""No revisions****.
  • File Download - Free

Mastering comes automatically (FREE) with every song you get mixed unless otherwise requested.

Radio Version/Showtapes

  • To have your song edited for radio - $20 per song

  • Blend songs Together for Show or performance - $20  20 min limit...  ask for longer options..

Song Arrangement

  • If you need your song put in the correct order or sequenced  - $25 per song


 I have created a tutorial on how to open and create a zip file here. You can use sites such as Yousendit.com, wetransfer.com, or box.com to send large files.

SEND ALL FILES TO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Mastering Rquirements

Minimum Requirement - Song Must Be Wave/Aiff/MP3/STEMS
Recommended - 24 bit Wave/Aiff file/STEMS
No Compression on Master bus when Bouncing music down.

Levels - 6db to -12db
Sample Rates - 44k 48k 88k or 96k.

Mixing Requirements

Full Pro Tools Session or Tracked out wave files.


Send Me Your Music and get a FREE sample!!

**This is not a million dollar mastering facility. This is a home audio mastering studio. I have built my clientele off of my experience using my equipment. This is why the Price is only $30 per song, but compared to $200 an hour you will not hear any major differences in quality. I have been Mastering going on 15 years now!!**